How we got started

My husband and I spoke on and off for years about living on acreage. I’ve always dreamed of towering trees, meadows and water – like a creek or pond while my husband always dreamed of an entire square mile of land, about 640 acres, to put a house square in the center and live like a hermit. As you can see my husband isn’t the most keen on having neighbors or living somewhere crowded. Even here in Port Saint Lucie, FL where there really aren’t that many people in comparison to Palm Beach, FL or even remotely Miami, FL my husband gets pretty aggravated by crowds – especially traffic when we are in the car. However, until very recently that’s all our talks were – dreams.

Over the past week or so I had finally begun to contemplate whether or not it really was impossible for us to own acreage. So, I looked into it. Neither of us really cared too much about where we lived as long as we could have land we loved.

I will admit I went a little wild when I first started looking. I found a glorious Kingdom parcel for sale in Maine not too far from Bar Harbor that was 1000 acres and had miles and miles of waterfront land on a big lake. Of course when I went to show my husband this fantasy plot his first reaction was “absolutely not”. First off, we couldn’t afford it – even remotely. Second, we’ve both lived in Florida for the majority of our lives, me entirely, and while he was willing to have winters he was not sure either of us would be able to deal with the hard winters up in Maine. Lastly, AT&T Uverse wasn’t serviced in Maine and we couldn’t afford for him not to work.

So, instead of giving up on the idea all together I tried to approach it more rationally. First I found a map online of states offering AT&T Uverse, since that is the division my husband works for, and narrowed down the areas I could look into land. From that point I poured hours of online searching for different parcels of acreage for sale in those more southeastern states, TN, GA, AL, SC and NC. I mainly looked more southeast so we would be moderately closer to our families as both sides live mainly in Florida. I tried to find properties that were actually feasible for us to purchase price wise and with elements both my husband and I would like. I was quickly able to rule out AL as my husband had been in the state and wasn’t particularly taken with it. SC & NC were ruled out by the simple fact that we could hardly afford the acreage we’d want and the acreage we could was rather small, like 10 or 20 acres.  So, I’ve been focusing on GA and TN. The more I looked into it the more viable it seemed. Why I could even find 60 acres with a house on it for hardly more than we paid for our house here on a .23 acre plot!

After I found land we could actually feasibly afford my husband and I took a walk and talked it over, more seriously this time. At that point we decided that the only thing that would take us away from our dream home, I do very much love the house we own right now, would be the prospect of owning the land we’ve both always wanted. I was even surprised that my husband would rather I worked at home and on the land to help us be more self sufficient than my having a job!

We agreed to work towards our goal over the next five years. We would fix up the house in certain ways to increase the value of the home so we could get more when we sold it and I would have to put in a lot of research to learn how to do home farming and homesteading.